Debra D. Rainey, Esq., The Compassionate Lawyer, spent five years as a trial attorney with the Defender Association of Philadelphia. During her five years with the Defender Association, Ms. Rainey has tried thousands of criminal trials, including drug cases, misdemeanors, felonies, juvenile adjudications, and other family court matters, just to name a few. Ms. Rainey has written, and argued thousands of criminal motions as well, such as pre- and post-trial motions. Finally, Ms. Rainey has successfully litigated numerous serious major felony jury trials, and has represented her clients at hundreds of sentencing and violation of probation hearings.

During her tenure with the Defender Association, Ms. Rainey has earned a reputation for being an extremely competent, committed, confident, and compassionate trial attorney. Ms. Rainey has earned the respect and confidence of Common Pleas, Municipal Court, and Family Law Judges, as well as the respect and admiration of her peers and fellow trial attorneys.

Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Rainey served five years as a Detention Enforcement Officer (DEO), now known as an Immigration Enforcement Agent. Principal among her duties were to locate and apprehend illegal aliens who were facing deportation because of incurring criminal arrests and convictions. During her tenure with the Immigration Service, Ms. Rainey also served as a Union Steward with Local 2149 of the American Federation of Government Employees. While representing union members facing employee disciplinary and termination of employment proceedings, Ms. Rainey’s competence and commitment to her fellow employees often resulted in the employees’ re-instatement and or the termination of the disciplinary action.

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Prior to joining the legal profession Ms. Rainey spent ten years in the United States Army’s Military Intelligence Corp, where she specialized in all areas of human, counter and signals intelligence. Ms. Rainey served nine months as a Team Leader during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, where she distinguished herself as a Superior Intelligence Team Leader earning herself and her Electronics Warfare Team numerous service medals, for outstanding intelligence gathering.  Ms. Rainey also served as a Russian  Language instructor, providing annual Russian Language training to her fellow soldiers.

Ms. Rainey’s diverse professional background coupled with her confidence, commitment, and compassion, provide Ms. Rainey a well-rounded repertoire with which to zealously advocate for her clients.

Contact Ms. Rainey for a confidential consultation and allow her compassion to work for you.

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